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Bonnie McCullough
24 September 2011 @ 04:06 pm


LOVE/CONSIDERS FAMILY: 1-2 RED HEARTS (1 if platonic, 2 if romantic)


Damon is Bonnie's best friend, sire, family, and the big love of her life. He brings out the best and worst in her. Sometimes Bonnie hates him, sometimes he irritates her, but she can't deny that she always loves him. He is the person she would do anything for, and the person that she would trust with her life (if not her heart). She isn't sure what's in store for their future, but for the time being, she's reached a point where she's okay with trying to just be friends. For now. And since the universe seems to keep pushing them together, she's pretty sure he's not going anywhere anytime soon.


Bonnie initially was mighty wary of Buffy, seeing as how she is a vampire slayer. However, as she's spent more time with Buffy, Bonnie has actually grown immensely fond of the other girl. In fact, Buffy is probably Bonnie's closest female friend in Bete Noire at this point in time. The fact that Buffy found out about Bonnie being a vampire and stayed friends with her just makes Bonnie like her that much more.


Initially, Bonnie thought the Doctor would just be a one night stand and then she couldn't quite get him out of her system. And not even in the romantic way. For better or for worse, some people have a certain way of sticking with you and the Doctor is one of those people. He has helped save her life, has talked her down out of a funk, and has scratched some itches when needed. Basically, Damon aside, Bonnie would go to the Doctor before anyone else in Bete Noire with any problems and she'd be pretty certain he'd try his best to help her.


Bonnie is falling for Wes hard and fast. At first, she thought a date with him would be a convenient way to distract herself from sadness she was dealing with due to a falling out with Damon. The date went better than either of them expected, and has turned into a lot more time spent together. Even though she's aware she still doesn't know him all that well, Bonnie's felt herself growing close to Wes on a surprisingly intimate level. Due to the fact that she's in love with Damon and Wes has ties to Faith and Claire, there's a lot of hesitation about where this relationship is going. Still, she's getting pretty sure that she's willing to take some risks to try pursuing a relationship with him.

Bonnie McCullough
06 April 2011 @ 09:47 pm
1. Player Information

Name (or internet handle): Kally

Current characters in Bete Noire: None

2. Character Information

Name: Bonnie McCullough

Livejournal Username: blytheandbonnie

Fandom: The Vampire Diaries (Books)

Image: Ivory Flame

Reserve: http://magistrated.livejournal.com/1299.html?thread=1330707#t1330707

3. Character Information II

Age/Appearance: Bonnie is 35 years old, though she has not physically aged since she was turned into a vampire at the age of 21--and as much as she hates to admit it, her petite frame makes her appear even younger than that. Bonnie generally looks more elfish than angelic. Her large brown eyes are the star features of her dimpled face, but by far, Bonnie’s best—and most noticeable—asset is her head full of fiery red curls. When human, Bonnie was frequently described as being cute, but since becoming a vampire, she has become strangely beautiful. Though still not traditionally pretty, her skin has become creamier, her eyes brighter, her curls glossier, and even her movements have become graceful. To anyone paying attention, it’s possible to spot that she is not quite human in appearance.

History: http://wiki.vampire-diaries.net/Bonnie_McCullough (Bonnie’s story changes between books 3 and 4 of the series)

Personality: Damon once referred to Bonnie as one of the most human humans that he ever met—and this is a fairly accurate assessment. Bonnie is cheerful, optimistic, passionate, and loving. On the flip side, she can be naïve, takes criticism poorly, would rather flee than fight, and often allows herself to be used as a doormat. In some ways, Bonnie is still very innocent and her behavior can be entirely childlike at times. Though some of Bonnie enjoys pop culture and gossiping, she also has a deep respect for the ancient druids and holds their views as sacred, frequently citing their beliefs in everyday conversation. Despite the cheerful front she puts on, Bonnie has had a fairly traumatic young life and has gained some deep psychological issues. After years of trying to keep secrets about Elena, the Salvatores, and being a vampire, Bonnie has also become a pathological liar.

Although Bonnie prefers to avoid confrontation, her impulsive nature has sometimes caused her to throw herself into harm’s way for family or friends. Damon in particular is the most important person in her life, not only due to her romantic feelings for him, but because he is her last link to her hom and because he has, like her, experienced traveling between worlds. He is a tremendous influence on her, and it is around Damon that Bonnie is most likely to exhibit her strength and passion, though it is also around Damon that Bonnie is most likely to give in to her darkest urges. She constantly finds herself teetering between her vampiric and human sides, and as a result, she is always battling a desire to give into her hunger at the cost of harming others.

Sexual Preferences/Orientation:
Until recently, Bonnie's sexual experience was somewhat limited, as she had only slept with two men: Damon and Matt. Since she had felt affection for both men, Bonnie viewed sex is a result of love. It was only recently, on the caravan, that Bonnie began a casual relationship with a man named Templeton Peck. In Fell's Church, Bonnie was everybody's little sweetheart and though other boys were always nice to her, they demonstrated more overprotective brotherly feelings than anything else toward her. After that, she fell in love with Damon. As such, Bonnie is only now starting to come into some sort of gradual sexual awakening. Her experience on the caravan has led her to realize that sex can be more than a result of love, though she would still probably argue that casual sex should be the exception, not the rule. That being said, Bonnie also knows that she likes boys. A lot. She likes looking at boys and kissing boys and she really likes it a lot when they give her appreciative looks. After having spent most of her life comparing herself to Elena, it is somewhat coming as a surprise to her that she might be desirable to anyone else. The idea of being attracted to another woman, however, is not really something that Bonnie's ever given much thought to. If she knows nothing else, she knows that she's straight.

Powers: Powers: Vampire powers in LJ Smith’s world are tied into blood. What the vampire feeds off of reflects his or her strength. A vampire who feeds off of animals has far weaker powers than a vampire who feeds off of people.

Vampires in the Smith Universe possess the following abilities, to varying degrees of strength: The ability to alter prey’s memories, high levels of celerity, a keen sense of hearing, immortality, incredible strength, the ability to turn into animals (usually birds), and some really dangerously sharp teeth.

Vampires in the Smith Universe possess the following weaknesses, to varying degrees in a trade off with levels of power: The inability to exist in sunlight without a protective charm made of lapis lazuli, an aversion to fire, injury from wood, and (in cases of extremely powerful vampires) the inability to cross running water. Vampires must also be invited into a private residence once.

Bonnie has a few vampiric abilities--she can somewhat influence other people, she has sharpened senses, elevated strength, and she's incredibly fast (which makes her a good hunter). She also has the gift of second sight, though it's incredibly difficult for her to summon up any sort of visions (though it becomes easier when she's feeding on humans).

Reason for playing: Bonnie is a character who has managed to stay positive and upbeat through some incredibly difficult times. That said, she fights a lot harder than she lets on to repress some dark urges. She is, after all, a vampire and a young one at that. As such, she does feel some very strong feelings to do some very naughty things. Bonnie's urge to treat people kindly and do the right thing has generally been strong enough to lead her away from temptation, but it would be interesting to see how she did in an environment where her vampiric inclinations were stronger. Plus, I honestly just love playing Bonnie. She's just a really fun character for me.

4. Original Character Supplement

World History: N/A

Character History:

AU Addendum: Within days of Elena’s death in 1992, Stefan left Fell's Church. After a quiet end of their senior year, Matt went to Ohio State University on a football scholarship, and Meredith went to study psychology at NYU. Bonnie began to wait tables and she continued to live with her parents, but after Elena's death and the departure of her remaining friends, she grew sullen and withdrawn. It was at this time that Damon reentered her life. After leaving to privately mourn Elena's death, Damon decided to return to Fell's Church to see what the outcome of Katherine's destruction had been. As he went hunting through the town one night, he ran into Bonnie, walking home from work. Lonely and finding herself reminded of how attracted she had been to the rogue vampire, Bonnie allowed him to feed on her. Over the following two years, Damon regularly paid Bonnie visits. It was on the anniversary of Elena's death that Damon and Bonnie finally kissed. Bonnie impulsively requested to be turned into a vampire and to be a companion for Damon.

Because Bonnie wanted to spend a few more years with her family, Damon agreed to teach Bonnie to hide her change. Wearing a lapis lazuli ring, she was able to go out into the sun with humans, and with Damon's help, Bonnie was able to open an herbal shop in Fell's Church. Although she would only feed from animals at first, Damon eventually convinced her to drink the blood of humans. The surge in power heightened her second sense and made her visions more controllable, and Bonnie began feeding from the humans who came to her shop for fortune readings. Though she attempted to avoid ever killing humans, when she first began feeding on them, Bonnie occasionally overestimated how much blood she could take. During these times, Damon assisted her in disposing of the bodies.

In 2001, Matt returned to Fell's Church to teach at the high school, and he and Bonnie became close again, though Bonnie didn't reveal her change to him. Damon was restless in the sleepy town, and he frequently left to travel to other locations. It was during one of his trips that Bonnie and Matt began having an affair. Upon his return, Damon discovered them and attacked Matt, draining enough blood to nearly kill him. Damon left Fell's Church that night. Though Bonnie watched over Matt during his recovery, after learning that she was a vampire, Matt ended their relationship. For a few more years, Bonnie remained in Fell's Church, but in 2003, she had turned 30 and her family and friends noticed that she was no longer aging. Using the money from her shop, Bonnie left her home and began traveling around the world, hoping to find Damon. Eventually, in Florence, she found Stefan--the other Salvatore brother. Stefan invited her to live in his villa, and due to Stefan's kindness and the renewed friendship, Bonnie was persuaded to stop feeding on humans again.

In 2009, Damon paid a visit to his brother's villa. Though Damon was furious to discover Bonnie there, Stefan convinced his brother to stay awhile. Bonnie strove to win Damon back, and the weeks were filled with Bonnie’s tears and passionate arguments that Stefan had to intercede. Finally, to Bonnie's delight, Damon agreed to try and reconcile. A week later, while hunting on Stefan's property, Bonnie encountered the Rowan Tree.

After arriving in Rowan, her weakened state and the shock of arriving in a new, primitive world caused Bonnie’s own weaknesses to overwhelm her , revealing that she was prone to insanity when going long enough without food. After feeding, she returned to lucidity but remained withdrawn. After she had just begun to make friends, she was delighted to find that Damon had arrived. However, Damon had come to Rowan from a time immediately following Elena’s death. He had never returned to Fell’s Church and befriended Bonnie, let alone turned her into a vampire. When Damon learned of Bonnie’s past, there was initially an awkward stage in their relationship. Gradually, the two became friends as Bonnie accepted that she would have to start from the beginning with Damon and as he accepted his role as Bonnie’s sire. When the two were again transported from Rowan and to another world, they grew closer, and their tenuous friendship solidified into some sort of genuine affection.

5. Samples


The problem with being a vampire is a serious lack of chocolate.

Okay, that and the whole wanting to eat people thing.

And the rumor that I don't have a soul.

But mainly, it's the chocolate. When I was a human, a Hershey bar could just make my bad moods go away. If you gave me something like Godiva, I could be happy for a week. Now, it all just tastes like mud. Chocolate, cotton candy, marshmallow peeps, gum. They're all just mud. I tried biting a candy-maker once, just to see if it would taste any different. (it didn't, by the way. I was still in a bad mood and then I had to clean up the mess.)

Third-Person: http://community.livejournal.com/rowantree_logs/95427.html

Third-Person #2: Bonnie turned the note over in her hand. Want to get a drink? The words stared up at her, dancing in the reflection of the bonfire. By now, Damon's handwriting was as familiar as her own and even without speaking, he tempted her. He always tempted her. She knew she couldn't look up at him, couldn't let her eyes meet his. As soon as he saw her, he would smile that cocky smile of his because he would know that what she really wanted was to draw herself up against his chest and sink her own teeth into his neck. An pointless cycle, exchanging blood for blood, but it would be a way to take out some of this frustration she was feeling and so much more than frustration, maybe it would get out this feeling in her stomach that made her want to squirm her way into oblivion every time that he looked at her.

She nodded, and he was off. Within moments, he had her. She was a blond. Of course she was a blond. It wasn't Bonnie that Damon wanted to bite, after all, it was Elena. For a moment, Bonnie felt an utterly ridiculous surge of jealousy, just because Damon was holding the woman. It wasn't Elena and he didn't love her and he wasn't Bonnie's to be jealous of anyway, but the urge to rip out the woman's throat was suddenly overwhelming. Damon danced with the woman, drawing her close, smiling at Bonnie over the woman's shoulder. She couldn't look away. His eyes beckoned her, telling her to come closer, assuring her of how much fun it would all be, of how good she would feel after it was done. Then, he was at the woman's throat and before Bonnie even smelled the blood, her fangs extended. His eyes raised to Bonnie's as he fed and now it was a dare. She felt a rush of desire, running all the way from her fingertips to her toes. Almost without realizing it, she was moving, closer and closer until her nose was touching the woman's throat. She pressed against the woman's back, against the arm that Damon was holding there. In an instant, she was feeding. She didn't open her eyes, but she felt Damon pull away, his voice seductive as he murmured That's right.

Bonnie drew the woman closer, a growl coming from deep in her throat as she fed. She needed this. She needed to feed, and she needed to make sure that the woman wouldn't take Damon away. The beautiful woman with the blond hair and the body that Damon had held so close. Bonnie's fangs dug deeper and Damon spoke again, telling her to stop, that she was taking too much. But no, not now. She could feel the woman's pulse fading and soon, that pounding noise would be gone. It was close, so close, and then--

Damon drew the woman away and Bonnie raised her face up to meet him. She knew she should feel something, pity or self-disgust or horror, but as Damon stared at her, Bonnie could only think one thing. She leaned up, pressing her hands against his chest, breathing against his ear. More.
Bonnie McCullough
13 September 2010 @ 11:30 am
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Bonnie McCullough
09 August 2010 @ 11:02 pm
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